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We invented several solutions to make the world better and our clients happier. Here are the most exciting ones we are proud of

e-coins, cryptocurrency, online earning


Problem: Gamers wanted to buy "gold" without spending a cent.

Solution: We co-founded our 1st startup - Mining of game currency Online. We have emitted "beardeer" e-coins. User earned e-coins by task execution or mining, then exchanged coins to game gold or rubles. Our wallet was integrated with WMmail tasks stock, dozens of Games, payment aggregators. Additionally we invented a Cryptocurrency miner.

loanline engine, customization

Payday Loans Engine

Problem: It took up to one year and significant amount of resources to automate every new Lending Company business process. The task was to improve this process and save company money.

Solution: We have refactored the existing solution and invented a unified core engine that was customizable in a month with much less effort. As a result company's revenue skyrocketed. Our solution was integrated with major Russian Credit Bureaus.

scoring, fin-tech, medical providers CRM

Lending in Medicine

Problem: Our сlient wanted a top-notch automated lending platform with smart scoring and solid numbers.

Solution: We developed a high-performance enterprise solution with HIPAA, PCI compliance for financing of expensive medical treatment. To speed up time to market, it is integrated with industry leading SaaS for payments processigns, data validation, call campaigns, BI, bookkeeping etc.


The right technology turns business strategies into results. We deliver domain-specific, fully functional, transformative software solutions that drive your business.

StartUp & Ideas

Do you have an idea for a new product? We are tech savvy to help you realize it. Experienced working in startup environment - R&D, POCs, demos, launch. We build proof-of-concepts quickly to show the art of the possible to our business and key executives.
Make it work ,then nice, then fast.

Virtual CTO

Our Virtual CTO advicing providers and financial services firms on how to evolve the technologies to address evolutionary issues like scalability, interoperability and data privacy. Prepare detailed technical designs that account for security, resiliency, scalability, maintainability, and performance.

Dedicated Team

Brands who want to move quickly without weeks of paperwork and processes may consider us for Special Projects. Accountable for all phases of development process – analysis, design, construction, testing and implementation. We tend to embrace an agile approach, yet can deliver faster results and provide flexibility.

FINTECH consulting

If you are recognize that fintech will have a significant influence on the industry, but you remains unsure of which technologies to adopt and to what degree - here we are.


Does you software limits your business grows? We can renovate,refactor and upgrade it to high-performance scalable solution. In-depth experience with Java.

Unique problem?

Tell us your problem and we will brainstorm for the solution.

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Does your software limit your business growth?

You can get renovated or updated building in line with high-performance scalable solution.

We focus on ideas worth coding to make you move forward


The technology we choose depends on the problem we want to solve. Some things are better done in one stack than another.

Java EE
Spring Framework
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